Oh hey! I'm Jenn (y2jenn everywhere). This is for my art and sharing art I dig. More of my work can be seen over at y2jenn.deviantart.com!
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Inktober so far! I’m using the month to get reacquainted with my brush pen. We have a rocky relationship.


Happy Wednesday! Page 3 is posted over at http://estaricomic.com!

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Estari, the webcomic, launches on June 4th at http://estaricomic.com!

An impossible girl named Estari yearns to learn the forbidden art of Dragon Whispering though it means leaving all behind and forging a path into the unknown. She plans, plots, and says her goodbyes, but her adventure may be over before it begins when she encounters a dangerous obstacle which could determine the fate of her family and friends.

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This is huge and I’m so excited to finally be sharing more with you guys. Please like and follow those links for lots of previews and information as Juli and I release it!

Here are the past four days’ worth of Daily Draw February! Things took a turn for the dragony. Or maybe they were already dragony. They probably were. These were all done with Prisma pencils!


Diablo 3 succubus! I didn’t realize until I had already inked her torso that the design I was referencing had eight more breasts. It was interesting to figure out how to attach them. I had used photos of olympic gymnasts for the contortion reference. They are so incredibly bendy! This was a super fun piece. She’ll get some moody colors eventually!


Here’s another Daily Draw February sketch dump! I’ve recently rediscovered how much I love drawing trees. Having so much fun so far this month!


February 4 and 5’s daily drawings and a bunch of “blind as a Batman”s.  Totally having fun with these eyes-closed drawing exercises.


Fellow artist, @y2jenn, commissioned me to draw a caricature based on her likeness.

If you want one of these of your very own, I’m offering them for $5 each. 

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Look at how adorable this is. He even nailed down my pointy eyebrows. John’s art is SO great and he’s open for commissions!

Daily Draw February is here! The first three are the sketches for this month so far. I’m also posting them on my Facebook art account and on Twitter under the #DDF2014 tag.The bottom three are warmups from a few days ago.

I’m all over the place! You can always keep an eye on me at these places as well!